Robert Badal Consulting can do the whole job -- integrate video into a new website, URL, custom e-mail address, Facebook page hosting, YouTube channel -- for a fraction of a conventional marketing company.

羅伯特·巴達爾顧問可以做整個的工作 - 視頻集成到一個新的網站,網址,定制的電郵地址,Facebook網頁託管服務,YouTube頻道 - 收費只是傳統的營銷公司的一小部分。

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About Robert Badal Consulting


Conventional marketing companies have high overhead from staff, high rents, and single-function employees.  We can do more, be quicker and more efficient to interface with, and charge you far less.


Building your brand's name and reputation


 Informing people about what you do


Expanding your markets, especially globally to English-speaking countries 



Helping you to keep customers and get referrals by    

creating a social media community of users


Transforming your English writing in your reports, letters,  social media, and communication into impressive, global business quality English


 Training your staff in Global Business English


Putting an "English Language Face" on your business


Reach the World in English! 英語遍天下 !

​Robert Badal Consulting is a unique company that offers a range of services to boost your business, whether it is established or a start up.  It is based on total cost efficiency.  Our main office is located in a a small space in a factory building in Tsuen Wan in Hong Kong's New Territories.  Your interface can be with Robert Badal in English or his wife, Amy Leung, in Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese.


If you prefer to inquire in Chinese, you can contact Amy at amy@amyleunglanguage.com or 852 9623 0312 如用中文查詢,請電郵至amy@amyleunglanguage.com 或致電(852) 9623-0312跟Amy Leung 聯絡。

We can boost your business by:

Creating dual language (English and Chinese) versions of all of your communications.


Cost Efficient and Value Driven! 

價錢合理 , 優質服務

Robert Badal Consulting can do all of your English writing, social media, website and SEO, and video.  We can also coach you for your on-camera speaking to sound like a pro! CLICK HERE to check out Robert's background and qualifications and you'll understand why!  Save time and get better results with one interface.


The Global Business world speaks English. But a challenge to businesses whose first language is not English is that their English may not be effective in Global Business.  


Robert Badal Consulting can be your complete Business English coach and editor  for everything in English -- your documents, reports, speeches, presentations --and also create the social media and PR presence to reach the world and take your business to a higher level.

羅伯特·巴達爾諮詢可以是你的完整的商務英語教練和編輯 - 你的文件,報告,演講,演講 - 並且也創造了社交媒體和公共關係,達到了世界各地,並把你的業務到一個更高的水平。