Additionally, he has contributed to product launches and major media events.


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Chang An Ford CEO Marin Burela in Chongqing.


這是在廣州車展三個模型發布會。 歡迎在此遊覽!

Training Experience培訓經驗

Robert Badal is uniquely suited to help your business succeed in global markets.  He is experienced in business from SME's to corporate in the US, Japan, China, Korea, and now Hong Kong, and combines world-class expertise in English with Business, PR and Marketing, and technical skills in web hosting, SEO, video production and editing, and social media. 


Experience:  PR and Marketing


About Robert Badal 


As a Los Angeles-based author and media personality, Robert Badal has had exceptional success in TV, newspapers, and radio, both locally and nationally.


Corporate PR, Marketing, Speechwriting


Robert Badal has served as speechwriter for two CEO's, Junchi Numata of Toyota Europe and Marin Burela of Chang An Ford.


Media Personality 媒體人

He has created complete media programs, including press releases, briefing books, key messages, and support materials.


The three model launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show.  CLICK on the video for the story!

Robert's PR and experience is summarized below by category.  Some of the companies he has performed services for are listed under Clients.  His background as a writer, editor, and coach and trainer for companies can be viewed using the links to his other websites. 


Robert is also an award winning published author and professional editor.羅伯特也是一個屢獲殊榮的發表作品作家和專業編輯。

Robert Badal at the Grand Opening of 88 Ford Dealerships in Shanghai.


If you prefer to inquire in Chinese, you can contact Amy at amy@amyleunglanguage.com or 852 9623 0312 如用中文查詢,請電郵至amy@amyleunglanguage.com或致電(852) 9623-0312跟Amy Leung 聯絡。

Robert has been a PR consultant for many important projects for the top PR and Marketing firms in Beijing, such as Trends Communication, Linksus, and the Shunya Group, affiliated with Omincom.  He has written press briefing books, press releasees, key messages, proposals and exhibition information materials for major events.

羅伯特一直是頂級公關和市場營銷公司許多重要項目的公關顧問,在北京,如趨勢通信,Linksus,而尚雅集團,下屬有Omincom。他撰寫了新聞發布會的書, 重大活動的新聞稿,關鍵信息,建議和展覽信息文稿等等。

As a language authority, he has presented at language conferences in Japan and Korea and been a university professor and business trainer for many industries.


For projects involving translation to Chinese or dual-lingual presentations, he works in collaboration with his wife, Amy Leung, author of the No Sweat Cantonese instruction books, Chinese calligraphy artist and teacher.  Her website is www.amyleunglanguage.com.hk.

對於關於翻譯中文演示項目,他的作品與妻子Amy, No Sweat Cantonese 廣東話書的作者,中國書法藝術家和廣東話培訓導師。她的網站是www.amyleunglanguage.com.hk

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