For projects involving translation to Chinese dual-lingual presentations, he works in collaboration with his wife, Amy Leung, author of the No Sweat Cantonese instruction books, Chinese calligraphy artist and teacher.  Her website is

對於關於翻譯中文演示項目,他的作品與妻子Amy, No Sweat Cantonese 廣東話書的作者,中國書法藝術家和廣東話培訓導師。她的網站是。

It is also used for the title sequence for the Ba Lao Shi YouTube videos. 


Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing



If you prefer to inquire in Chinese, you can contact Amy at or 852 9623 0312 如用中文查詢,請電郵至 或致電(852) 9623-0312跟Amy Leung 聯絡。

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Robert Badal can create a compelling content mix that will get results using one, two, or all of the following platforms.


As an example, You can see how he has integrated the artwork and content from my Ba Lao Shi Perfect English school brochure into promotional T-shirts and also his webpage, the Facebook site, the Google + page, and the YouTube Channel,.


Robert Badal can create a complete package for your business -- SEO website, Facebook, YouTube, brochures -- with a professional look at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing firms -- and get you the results you want!

羅伯特·巴達爾能為您的企業創造一個完整的軟件組合 - SEO網站,面書,YouTube上,宣傳單張 - 用專業的眼光,只需在傳統的營銷公司成本的一小部分 - 並得到你想要的結果!

Each platform may have advantages to reach the audience for your particular product or service.  They have different styles and can reach different audiences. 


Big Boost for Small Business!


The first challenge of Content Marketing is that your content must be both good and distinct.  It must be of interest to the particular group you want to attract as customers and it must be different from and better than other content that would appeal to the same group.  After establishing an online content presence using social media, then the same social media can be used to create and unify a community of customers.


YouTube videos have distinct advantages for communicating content information in ways that  generate a response, get shared with others,  and create a lasting impression.


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The second challenge of Content Marketing is that the community of users must also buy something or else be aggregated in so great a number that there is advertising revenue.